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Favorite Tie Moment – VC

My most memorable moment was Feb. 13th 2004. I had written a letter to Mr. Domi regarding my little daughter Katelyn Murray. This was the second letter I had written in Thanks. She is an Easter Seal child who has never been able to get his autograph or a picture of him, but never the less loves him to no end. I thought by chance I would write the Leafs to see if there was a way for this great little girl to get just a small picture of him.

Favorite Tie Moment – DS

I have two accually …………. one is the first time Tie was on Coaches corner with Grapes . You could see the pride in Ties face that he had now made the big time. Grapes was hugging him and saying how good Tie is as a person and all around player……..Tie is a proud man and you could see it in him that day. I was also proud as a leaf fan.