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Tie would love to hear from you!  Let him know how you like the book, your memories of his hockey career or anything on your mind.

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  1. Mr. Domi, you are the man! Your book was a great read and you raised one hell of a player in Max!

  2. Hello Mr.Domi …just wanted to drop a note and say I enjoyed your career, I have your bobblehead on my desk at work and a Tie Domi sweater that I cherish. Loved to meet you some day for an autograph or just a hand shake would make my day complete. Wishing you and your family nothing but prosperity and health!

  3. Was not a fan of yours until reading your book. Showed a totally different side than what I expected and changed my opinion of you. You obviously passed on a great work ethic to Max.

  4. This note comes a bit delayed, but one I promised to write when I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Domi at his book signing nearly a year ago when I told him that my passion for literature came from having a mother who was a librarian. As I thanked him for the many years of memories, the one thing he asked was that good, bad or ugly, I share my thoughts on book here, and with her.

    Tie’s autobiography is a simple one, essentially broken up into three parts. His family and his younger days, his playing career, and his retirement and the joy his children have brought to his life.

    If you are a Leafs fan, looking for dirt and grime from the locker room, you will not find it here. Save for one pretty funny Eddie Belfour story, a bit more perspective on what happened when JFJ took over operations, and one heated team locker room discussion with an “unnamed’ player at the end of that team’s core run of success, Tie opts to take the classy approach and puts honour and team privacy above selling books. I’m sure he could have filled several headlines by going into much more detail on many of the ghost like rumors that swirled around the team but were never discussed in the mainstream media, but Domi is focused on something else entirely; being a good role model and highlighting the positive aspects of his life, teammates, friends, and family.

    Tie has always been a polarizing figure, and to be honest he was far from my favorite player, but it is no coincidence that some of the classiest and most respected players and coaches in the NHL have always been drawn to him. You don’t get to have special relationships with Pat Burns, Pat Quinn, Mats Sundin, Teemu Selanne, Mark Messier and Mario Lemieux if you are not an straight shooting, hard working person who appreciates not only the game of hockey, but why it’s important to be a decent human being. If you were ever curious as to why Domi was a fan favorite in every city he played in and a legend in Toronto, this book will certainly give you a bit more perspective as to why.

    So while this may not be a particularly interesting read to most (although its far from uninteresting) as he only skims the surface on most subjects and stories and never delves too deeply, it serves well to capture Tie’s essence and was on many levels emotionally enjoyable. To see his love for his family, the game, and the people of the world around him, it tells a story of a life filled with many triumphs, many falls, and many mistakes, but one that he can ultimately still be proud of, and rightfully so.

    And in that sense, this book is an accomplishment. For him, as someone who struggled with a learning disability but manages to weave his tale in an accessible and effective way. And for most anyone that reads this, which if they take anything away from the book – will likely be many positive old school life lessons away that seem to be lost in this day and age, ones that Domi learned from his father John. In so many ways ‘Shiftwork’ is Tie’s tribute to him and how he molded him into the man he is today. You don’t have to respect all aspects of Domi’s career and life to appreciate a love letter from son to father that is both touching and refreshing.

    It is a book that can proudly sit on a library shelf, and one that I would also happily recommend to a young person who is struggling to find their way. It is not a book that either glorifies nor condems fighting, but simply one that optimistically hopes that players and people like himself do not ever cease to exist not only in the new NHL, but in this fast paced, technlogically dependant world around us. The lesson to take away is clear; if you work hard, love and support those closest to you, and always try to do the right thing, you will find happiness and success. It’s pure, it’s simple, but it’s important. Aside from his children, that is the legacy that is most cherished by Domi that he wants to leave behind with this work. We can all find a lot to say about the man, positive and negative, but the intent and desire he displays here is an honorable one, and one that can never be taken away from him. His father would be proud.

    Thanks for the great read Tie, and for taking the time to chat and sign my copy of your book. Cheers.

  5. Tie, you were awesome at making the game fun to watch. I miss you as a Ranger. I wish you and your family all the best. Thanks for all the exciting years you were on the ice.

  6. Hello there. My son Kaleb and I had the privilege of watching Max play for 4 years in London. We both got one of your books and I very much enjoyed reading it. A big thanks for the extra time you took with my son to personalize his book he was thrilled. Here is his message for you. Dear Tie. I met you in London when you were selling your books at the London knights arena. I was the boy that came back to get my own book because I started my dads before puck drop and I really loved it. It was the best book I ever read. Max was my favorite player on London and you were my dads favorite player. Thanks for the book. I have a really cool picture of us to. Kaleb Santos

  7. I am a huge Rangers fan. Your time with the team was, unfortunately, limited, but memorable. I just finished your book and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am not only about you as a hockey player, but as a person. Thank you for your honesty and your integrity.

  8. I had the privilege of meeting you at a book signing in London Ontario. My boyfriend took it upon himself to tell you I’ve had a crush on you all my life just to make sure I had some color in my cheeks for the photos. I finished reading your book and I absolutely loved it. I was always in love with your face and career however after reading your book I’m in love with your soul. I too have lost not just my dad but my mother as well. In fact it’s 5 years today since she passed and I miss them every day. I would absolutely recommend your book to any sports lovers. I enjoyed reading not only about your career but also your life. Thank you so much for taking the time to sign my jersey and my book. You stayed longer than scheduled to make sure everyone that showed up got an autograph and pictures. Bless you. You’re a true gentleman and a great man.

  9. Dear Mr. Domi:

    My name is Cathy and I have just finished reading your book, “Shift
    Work”. I can’t tell you how much I loved it, couldn’t put it down once
    I started. What I enjoyed most was
    learning about YOU, your family values that you never lost sight of,
    the life lessons you learned from your parents, your dedication to
    your children and the # 1 priority you
    make them in your life, your undisputed loyalty to friends and team
    mates, your work ethic and determination, and the respect you
    demonstrate to people from ALL walks of life.
    I am soooo very impressed with the person you are.

    I am originally from PEI but have lived in Ontario for the past 46
    years, the last 16 in the Peterborough area. I have always been a huge
    Leaf fan and for the years that you were
    a Leaf I religiously followed you and Mr.Sundeen specifically. I met
    my now boyfriend at a convention 16 years ago where he was walking
    around with a Tie Domi jersey on.
    I couldn’t help but walk straight up to him and introduce myself so we
    could talk about you and the Leafs. I think we must be your #1 and #2
    fans!!! He energetically will defend you
    at every turn if he hears anyone, anywhere say a negative word about

    A few years ago, my sister and I attended a Pete’s game for the simple
    reason that they were playing the London Knights and your son Max
    would be playing. I was ecstatic when
    I waked in the door and saw you in the lobby. My sister took a picture
    of you and I and I treasure it as a very special memory. After reading
    your book, it now means more to me
    than ever.

    In closing, I would just like to say that I have had some very tough
    moments in my life, many with yet lingering effects, and I found new
    inspiration in your book to face these issues
    head on and hopefully resolve many and find some closure. I sincerely
    thank you for this and for restoring some faith in good old fashioned
    values. I too was raised that way.

    Sincerely, and hoping in some way our paths may cross some day,

    Cathy Cormier

    PS: My boyfriend and I gave each other your book as Christmas
    presents! We do think alike.

  10. Tie
    I just finished reading your book on vacation. I have read a lot of hockey books and yours if now my favourite. I am already a Leafs fan but am
    really a huge Tie Domi fan after reading your book. Thanks for publishing the book. You’re a stand up guy and it shows in the book and through your Family. Thanks again
    Daryl Walser

  11. As Hockey Day in Canada is coming up in Kamloops I wanted to share my hockey story. Like millions of others out there, since about the age of three it was my dream to play professional hockey. It was around this same time I got my first pair of skates and stick and started to learn this amazing game. I spent years practicing on the outdoors and wanted to play minor hockey. My family was hesitant with me playing minor hockey because I am a little person with Hypochondroplasia Dwarfism. They thought with my size and stature I would get hurt. I convinced them to allow me to play, and those were probably some of the best nine years of my life. My first year started out in Pee- Wee House. It was a rough season with learning to play the game on a team, with people who had been playing for years before, and adjusting to playing hockey with people much bigger than me. My next season was my first season in Bantam House hockey. This is where my first milestone of my first goal came about. It was about half way through the season and we were in an intense battle with the green team. I had been having an off game, giving up pucks, and off play in general. After a short shift my upon skating to the bench my teammate and friend Devon said to me “Riley, next time we are on the ice and the puck is in their zone, go to the front of the net and I will get you the puck”. The next shift came and the puck was in their zone. I went straight to the front of the net and before I knew it the puck was on my stick. I let off the biggest wrist shot, and the puck flew over the goalies shoulder and into the back of the net. I had just scored my first goal. With each season my play improved more goals and points in each season and better play with practise. In my last season of Midget House hockey I was awarded the Williams Lake Minor Hockey Most Inspirational and Most Dedicated Player awards for my achievements. It goes to show that with the 3 D’s Drive, Determination, and Dedication, almost anything is possible. Live the Dream and don’t let anything stand in your way.

  12. I just wanted to thank Mr. Domi for all the happiness and excitement he brought me during my childhood years. I grew up a die hard leafs fan growing up and it was an extreme pleasure to watch Mr. Domi give his all game in and game out to protect his teammates. I looked at Mr.Domi as one of my idols growing up because of his leadership and how hard he worked night in and night out and how much he got out of the talent he had. He had a significant impact on my life and i just wanted to say thank you…

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  14. Hey Tie
    Enjoyed your career even though I am Sabres fan. We grew up near Buffalo and were Hockey Night in Canada fans. You and Ray had some great games and fights. I always wanted to see you and RobRay do a commercial as best friends but battling at the end of the commercial. Maybe over who had the best shot or what ever. Best wishes…Kevin Cobello

  15. good book, i love reading the stories that you never hear about..i think you need to convince your son max to sign with the leafs when he becomes a free agent! i am a die hard leafs fan and i know the buds would have drafted him if he was available, it would be so cool to see another domi skating around wearing a leafs jersey!

  16. This book is great and helped me with my own life goals, as a player you were my favourite, you brought the feeling of hockey spirit to the game. I would one day love to meet you in person. Shift Work is has a special place in my heart!

  17. I just read through shift work the part about how Tie believed that everyone deserves respect no matter who you are. Reading this just brought a smile to my face. Im 27 and I was always taught these values by my father. Im so glad I can teach them to my son who is 3. As ive progressed through this book I have gained such a great deal of respect for Tie Domi. I used to just think he was just some good who liked to beat people up and im glad to have read and learned about the kind of person he really is.

  18. Hi Tie, Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I gave my Dad your book for Christmas, you had autographed it at Walmart. He LOVED it!! My Dad said it was a very interesting & educational read…in fact he read the book in one day! You were SO kind to everyone who came to see you as you signed your book. You are a classy guy! Happy New Year to you & your family! xo

  19. Tie, I have just finished your book and it is one of the best reads I have come across in a long time. Being a Leaf fan only made the book that more enjoyable. I definitely give this book ‘two thumbs up’.

  20. Tie I loved your book very genuine a real great read .
    I wish you were still playing one of my all time favourites not just a fighter but a great leader .
    I wish I could hang out with you at a leafs game and just talk hockey .
    We both are from the same cloth on how to treat people we learned from great parents .
    I would greatly recommend this book for a true hockey fan who wants to learn about a great character hockey player with a great heart who stuck up for his teammates and treated the regular joe like anyone else !
    Merry Christmas Tie and a happy Newyear … if you ever want to take watch a game together let me know it would be a dream lol

  21. I just finished reading your book Tie, and it’s great read. As a long time Leaf’s fan, I can only hope we might get another leader (SOON!) as good as you were for the team. I had a chance to meet a couple other great Leaf leaders (Clark and SIttler) this past summer here in Saskatoon and hope one day I might get a chance to shake your hand too. I’d love to have your book signed so I’ll have book and pen in hand if such a chance arises. My 8 year old son Ty, has just started the read (could take him a while!) and I hope your story rubs off.
    Take care,


  22. I am a huge, huge Tie Domi fan bought the book the first day it came out took me 3 days to read the book. Always thought Tie worked his ass off on the ice but I didn’t really know how big of a family man he is. Great to hear stories of how hard his father worked and proves to anybody if you work hard you can accomplish what you want!! Great stories about some of the lads he played with. Love the story about Eddy the eagle! Great book Tie and thanks for singing it for me! I was really looking forward to meeting you at the Costco in Kanata unfortunately I had to have surgery that day and was in the hospital so my brother went and got my book and my Domi jersey signed. I’m such a fan of Tie I named my dog Domi! Thanks for the great read Tie

  23. Just finished reading your book and love it. The Probert chapter and Chapter 11 were great… It was great meeting you in London at Chapters. I can relate to you a lot, for what my life was playing football. Not being a tall person at 5′ 8″ had to be the best at what I did. Great friends of the Tooke Family here in London, They loved having Max with them during his time here with the Knights. All the best, Cheers!!!

  24. Thank you for signing my book this evening. As requested I’m attaching a link to the pictures of my 28 TIE license plate and tattoo. Feel free to use them if you wish. Cheers, Corey.

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed your book! You are very humble and honest about your story. You allowed your readers to get to know you. Thank you for sharing! You have left your mark in hockey, and now as a best selling author. Congratulations, Tie!!

  26. Thank you very much for taking the time to sign my books. It was a pleasure to have met you. My daughter will be thrilled to receive your book for Christmas. When she was a young girl playing hockey, she modelled herself after you. She did a project many years ago about bullying. The project was about you and how you stood up for your teammates, there was no bullying allowed when you were on the bench. She was very proud of her project and I’m sure she’s will be very proud of her new book


  28. A number of chapters in. Not only am I impressed with the openness in which Tie describes growing up, but the insight into how he became one of the most loved players in Toronto shows just how much you can gain if you put all you have into something. Tie understands that people want to talk to him, and get to know him in a small way, and is more than willing to give people the time and seems genuinely interested in making sure you enjoy the book and the chance to meet him. Wish more athletes took the Tie method of fandom appreciation. Thank you Tie, for both the insight and the signature, up in my Leaf’s memorabilia.

  29. Thank you for taking the time to come out and meet your fans in Oshawa. It truly was an honour to meet you. I started and finished Shift Work in two days – I just couldn’t put it down! Reading it brought up fond memories of my dad and I watching you play when I was a kid. Your book is going to be a gift for my dad for Christmas, and I know he’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.

  30. Met you at your book signing in Sault Ste Marie Ontario on Saturday Nov. 21. I mentioned to you that all the big names go to Sudbury and the Sault. I live in Elliot Lake Ontario, which is about midway between, Sudbury and te Soo. The problem is, we were a mining town, the mines closed in the 90’s, and us now classed as a retirement city. On June 23, 2012, our mall collapsed, killing 2 people, and putting hundreds out of work. Here we are 3-1/2 years later, still waiting to h ave our mall rebuilt. Now it is not be completed around April, Or May next year, or about 4 years since the mall went down. A lot of people have left our beautiful City of Elliot. lake, known as the jewel in the wilderness. When big names venture into northern Ontario, we are the forgotten ones. True, we only have a population of about 10,000 to 11,000 people. But we do have an amazing hockey team the Wildcats. We are a very depressed jewel in the wilderness. It would be so amazing to have someone like you come and give an amazing boost to our beautiful jewel in the wilderness. I know I’m reaching for a star, in more ways than one, bit wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you at your book promotion. You were so attentive to us that stood in line for several hours. You listened to us, to my little story of Elliot Lake. Thanks so very much for listening.

  31. Hope to see you tonight with my son Nicholas. He was on your web site for a long time – little kid – you were signing his leafs jersey on the table with my husband Todd holding him. He has a game tonight for high school hockey – so we will be running in … Loved that picture – and looking forward to reading your book and getting another great memory shot.

  32. Thank you for visiting us at the Bruce last Wednesday. It was a pleasure to meet you and get our picture taken together. As you recommended, I started with Chapter 11 and then read it front to back. Simply Amazing!

  33. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It gave really good insight into life’s lessons playing in the NHL. As a long time Leaf fan, well done in regards to playing hockey, learning business but most of all being a parent.

  34. Wonderful book, go leafs go! We are huge tie domi fans! Even bought two books! Would love to get them signed!! Please come to Burlington Ontario!!! Thanks for the great read!

  35. It was absolutely fantastic getting to meet you on Saturday in the Sault. You jumped right in and everyone was excited to have the chance to see you. I went crazy just seeing you walk in. When I got to the table, you were really the nicest person. Being the most prolific fighter that was in the NHL, you are great. Shift Work is an amazing book and leaves no surprise on why you are #1 Best Selling Author.

  36. Huge fan and always been a Leafs fan. A great player and person.
    My son, also named “Tie” got to meet the player/star/author in Sault Ste Marie. We drove from Wisconsin and I would have driven farther and waited longer. After buying his book the day before my twelve year old Tie, took it and started reading right away. I can’t wait for my turn. Thank you TIE!!!! Stand up player and person. Missed the truck but had a great time @ Soo game anyways 🙂

  37. Great book, incredible man, fabulous read! What more can one say? Oh, thank you for all you have done for Hockey and for your fans. Look forward to seeing you again.
    Best wishes!

  38. My mother got me your book for my birthday and also got you to sign a hockey stick and puck. Needless to say it was a very nice birthday for me. After reading your book it only made me admire you even more congratulations on an outstanding career and book.

  39. Absolutely loved your book. I loved reading about how your parents and how they raised you had such an impact on everything that you did in life. Your parents did an amazing job and I’m sure they are very proud of you. I am going to have my 12 year old son Bailey read your book, I think you would be a great role model for him both on and off the ice. It was great to meet you at the Bruce the other day!!

  40. *Hey Tie, its Griffin from Sault Ste. Marie, I’m here to post a comment on how amazing your book is. From cover to cover,it was funny,a little sad, really overall it was the best book i have read! I thought after i was done reading the book, i read the acknowledgement’s, when you said “and finally, to the reader. I hope you enjoyed the book” I was thinking “I didn’t just enjoy it, I loved it!!!” My favorite part of the book was, well. This is a complicated choice. I had a lot and a lot and a lot of favourite part’s. my top 3 are. When your brother, Dash was getting harassed around and you stepped in and gave him a good beating. I had a few laughs. my 2nd was the 1st time you fought Bob Probert. and the 2 tied for 3rd are when you were playing Niagara and the fans did the monkey gimmick and threw the banana on the ice, you ate it. And threw the peel back. And this one, is my favourite the other one was when you were in Calgary (my mom made me put this one in :P) and Eddie Belfour was kinda drunk in the bar and it took you, Alexi Ponikarovsky , and Nikolai Antropov to get him to the hotel. And you K.O’ed him in 1 punch, my reaction to that “:O” and, yeah. there were a few sad moment’s in the book. Like Wade Belak’s funeral. And Bob Probert, but overall. this book is Infinity outta 10. Best book i have read! Your #1 fan, Griffin Coutu (Sault Ste. Marie,Ontario)

  41. Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you. My mother was in Sault Ste Marie for your book signing and said what a humble guy you were, she told me she just loved your book. She said you signed a couple items and talk about your book but she thought she was taking up to much of your time. I guess you kept talking and incouraged her to stay a few more mins. I have to say I have total respect for someone who makes time for their fans, even during your busy schedule. I can assure you I’ll be reading your book when I get a copy.

  42. Another big fan here. I really enjoyed Tie’s book. While I enjoyed the hockey stories, what I really enjoyed was when Tie talked about family. Particularly his admiration for his father, and especially his love for his kids. As a dad of two young girls myself, I could relate to the love of his children that Tie was trying to get across. He’d do anything for them as would I for my own! I also appreciate Tie’s advice about how we need to treat each other. Nothing but appreciation and respect to everyone around us, we are indeed all equal. Thanks for the good read!

  43. a great read and a hard book to put down! i read chapter 11 first and then started from the beginning. thank you for sharing your journey and story but more importantly your values, beliefs and upbringing. i only wish you could have won a cup! i am not a fighter but the Probert chapter was awesome!

  44. Great Read so far! Definitely my favorite Hockey related read since Tough Guy, the story of Bob Probert. I really enjoy learning the story behind the players I followed so closely when I was younger. As a parent of a Son & Daughter who play hockey, it is great to hear your experiences with being a parent & Max, Carlin & Avery. Thanks for also sharing that you are Dyslexic. My Daughter is dyslexic & it always comforting to hear about others who persevered & succeeded with this challenge. Thanks for sharing your life story with us Tie. I wish you continued success & good fortune with the book & your future endeavors.

  45. Tie your book is so interesting. I love your stories of your family and how you started in hockey. You will always be my favourite hockey player. Waited 20 yrs to meet you and finally I did at Ajax Costco. What a great book.. Especially now that my copy is signed ????

  46. Hey Tie, your book arrived on Monday via UPS from and I haven’t been able to put it down. Definitely a page turner. Great read! Great job! (I don’t want it to end) Have fun on the tour.

  47. The most profound section of the book for me was when you wrote about your son Max being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and how he asked the doctor if he could still play hockey. On April 1st we sat in the hospital hearing the same news, our six year old son was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. As we sat there he did not ask if he could still play hockey, he told us all proudly – “I can still play hockey like Max Domi!” He now wears #16 as he plays for the Barrie Junior Colts, just like his role-model. Thank you for taking the time for a picture and to sign my sons book, while you where in Barrie! He still talks about it!

  48. Have a chapter left to read and so far it’s been a great read. Loved reading about Tie’s life especially his morals and true character. Definitely cried reading about Belak’s funeral. Very happy to hear you were one Belak opened up to and how you noticed things most people ignore. He was quite… He was struggling. Takes quite an amazing person to see the pain behind someone’s smile.

  49. I loved your book it was amazing to read and learn everything about you.Miss the good old days when you played for Toronto keep rocking need one more fight :).

  50. Hi Tie,
    First off just wanna say i was a big fan of yours, you were a very exciting to watch. I appreciate you as a team player and do what you had to do to protect your teammates and let’s be honest you were arguably the best at it. As for your book i can see how your book become a #1 best seller (congratulations ). It was a great read very captivating and with the ups and downs in the book it really locked me in to continue reading. It was to learn more about you as a person not just a hockey player. I went to your book signing in Windsor,Ontario and just wanna thank you for signing my book, picture and taking a picture with me and my daughter.

    Take care Mr.Domi


  51. Had the pleasure of meeting Tie to have a book signed. If the book is at all close to Tie as seen through his years in Toronto, it will be a book that you will cling to and cheer on. You can’t help but love the spirit that Tie played with. Tough and in your face, a teammate anyone would love to have.

  52. Lifetime Domi fan! had a Rangers #28 jersey and now my son wears a Max Domi jersey! Loved the book!

  53. Both my husband and son are huge fans of Domi! It is almost like he is a part of our family. This will definitely be a book under our tree this year! 🙂

  54. Hi tie
    Great book from cover to cover could not put it down thank you for takeing the time to sign my book and pictures with me

  55. Just picked up a copy of Shift Work and cannot wait to read it! I am also very excited to make the road trip to Kingston to meet you next week!

  56. So great seeing you again in Windsor. Finished the book and enjoyed it. Always knew you were a great person and the book confirms it. Our grandson so enjoyed meeting you in person. He and his sister play hockey in Belle River , thanks again for taking the time to speak to us and remembering your days in Belle River. The best to you and your family.

  57. Hi Tie best of luck with your amazing book. I started to tear up when you got the call that your dad passed away you are an amazing family man.And one of the greatest hockey players the NHL has ever seen . I idolized you and looked up to you my whole life and always will . You will forever be my favorite hockey player . Glad to call you my friend . Thanks again for signing my arm the reaction on your face when I showed you in St, Catherine’s that I got it tattooed on was priceless for the first time I saw you speechless . Your awesome Tie and again best of luck with your book. It’s an amazing read. From your fan and friend for life Rob Forbes . Contact me any time . # 28 will always be the greatest # in the NHL and no one wore it better than you.

  58. Thank you for signing your book today for my son Andrew at the Chapters in Barrie. I was the lady with the walker that needed assistance up the stairs.

    I was sharing with you that Andrew’s femur was broken earlier this year in a work accident (1,000 pound tire blew off the truck axel and landed in Andrew’s leg). Andrew is a huge Leafs fan and I was glad to have your signature for him 🙂 He lives in Red Lake, Ontario. He enjoys travelling to Winnipeg (6 hour drive) to catch a Leafs game 🙂

  59. Tie, this book is unreal. I picked it up and met you yesterday in St Catherine’s I know you meet a lot of people but it was my son’s third birthday and he was telling you that he played hockey. This book is very hard to put down only in chapter 4 so I got a was to go but ya pretty cool. I watched a little flick on max this morning too, man that kid…. doing what he does to get through his NHL career with his diabetes. It was the flick about him and his dog. And he was saying how often he checks his sugar level. Unreal bud unreal. Anyway your story is pretty cool and the way you say that you used to prep for games is pretty unreal. I will let you know when I am done the book. But I got a lot of respect for you Tie. Cool family history so far.

  60. Tie. Great to meet you in London. Thank you for fighting for the people in chapter 11! Your book is awesome I cannot put it down. Looking forward to your next best seller.

    For Probie!
    Your fan
    Brent Cardy

  61. Mr Domi,

    At the Kitchener Costco this week you were extraordinarily kind to my 10 yr old son Colin when you paid for a copy of your book to donate to his 4th Annual Toy Drive for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.
    I’d like for you to know that your generosity contributed to the HUGE success of Colins Toy Drive yesterday. He collected 360 toys –
    And $800.
    Thanks for helping Colin to show the families staying at area shelters this Christmas that an entire community supports them.
    Merry Christmas!

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  63. Loved your book Tie. Just finished and I laughed and cried. I was thrilled to meet you in London and you truly looked happy to be meeting all your fans. Your fame is a result of your hockey career but your children will carry on your values and will truly be your legacy. We were lucky enough to meet Max and watch him throughout his time in London and I can truly say in 37 years of watching Knights hockey he has been one of the most entertaining and pleasant young men to play here. Your story is inspiring and I am sure your family are all very proud of you and this book.

  64. Hey tie
    Love the book always enjoyed watching you play hockey and watching max play for London.
    Go Petes go

  65. Hey Tie, it was so nice meeting you in Windsor and thanks for signing the book. It was definitely worth the long wait in line because I loved to see how you took the time with each and every fan. People in line couldn’t believe how good my 3 year old son was patiently waiting to meet a hockey player-his words. I’m not much of a reader but I started the book yesterday and finished today, I couldn’t put it down. To be honest that is the first book move than 20 pages long I finished. Even in school I just quickly looked through coles notes to get by. I also don’t like needles and just like you I was the first of my friends to have a blackberry and got made fun of until they all ended up with one. I just want to say I’ve been a fan and watched you your whole career in a leaf sweater. Even watched you play at Comerica Park for the Winter Classic. Even though I’ve never played hockey I could relate to many points of your life in the book for having great family values and working hard to having low times like going through divorce with a child involved. Good luck the rest of your tour, you told me you didn’t want to get sick, you know they make medicine for that 🙂

  66. I work at Chapters South London–where you signed yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you for signing your book for my father and I, and for making his day. To see you and your growth from his “ruffian” player to the man I met.. I’m amazed. Reading your book, I’m so proud to say that I met you. That your book isn’t about all your memories and fights, but about your mistakes, your personal growth, and your own struggles. When I read your Niedermayer story, I remembered that hit.. But I was amazed to read that you owned up to that mistake and went to him to apologize. To have your mistake written for all to see, along with your apology… That’s gutsy and it just goes to show that you’re a real gem. I’m so proud to say that I know you from your stories, but also from seeing you in real life. Thank you for your words today, and for just being you. A big hearted man. 🙂

  67. I agree it was well worth the wait especially when you made it out to my sister. She told me about meeting you later that night and you remember me and her from Tim Hortons and then she bought a 2nd book and made it out to me. Thanks soon much and I’ll be reading it this weekend.

  68. The 2.5 hour wait in line to be one of the first ones to meet u was so worth it. I’ve been saying that one day I will meet u since 1995! Always been such a huge fan and you will remain my favourite maple leafs player of all time. It was a true honour to meet u finally and now I know dreams really do come true. You are one of the most sincere men I’ve met and the fact that u gave me a hug made my day. Although it took 20 years…. It was worth the wait. Congrats on your best selling author for your new book. Well deserved. Thank u taking the time to meet me today.

  69. YOU are so worth the 2.5 hour wait.You were so kind and took the time to talk with everyone. I think that was wonderful. You were a great player and always looked after your team mates. Like Mats say’s he wouldn’t have had quite the games he had without you by his side. I’ve only just started the book but it is great so far. Good luck with the rest of your tour.

  70. Just started reading your book and love it so far. The Probert chapter was fantastic. It was great meeting you in Ancaster as you are an absolute legend and the reason I am such a fan of hockey and the Leafs especially.

  71. Hi Tie I met you yesterday at walmart in Windsor I was in my military uniform and you signed a book for me and paid for it ,I can not thank you enough on a day that I am usually in a gloomy mood thinking about friends that I have lost in the military you have put a smile on my face and the faces of my whole family as we are all fans of yours and now your sons you made my remembrance day very special and my father and brother very jealous so again THANK YOU very much and I look forword to hearing from you .

  72. I’m about half way through the book, absolutely loving it. Thanks again for signing my laptop the other day at the Eaton Centre, it was an honour.

  73. Good evening Tie,

    My son and I are Die Hard Leafs fans. I just saw your interview on CNBC. I was surprised to hear you say you were Dyslexic.
    Back in 2003 my son was having a real hard time at school. After changing him from French schools to English schools and School Boards all over Ottawa and fighting with Politicians, my wife and I were fed up and found this private school for dyslexics. We had to remortgage our house to pay for it but it was the best decision we ever made! Gavin (my son), as gone to graduate grade 12 and is now attending Algonquin College. He still plays hockey and still a Die Hard Leafs fan! His best video is when you sprayed the fan behind you when in the penalty box and he ended up falling in with you! LOL!
    In 2009, I decided to get tested for dyslexia. Yes, I am dyslexic also (this explains so much!).

    Just thought I would let you know how much I admire you!

    P.S. Great job with Max! Hockey brings Dads and sons together!

    Have a great weekend!


  74. It’s a hockey book – but not a hockey book. The book has hockey stories for fans of the game but the book is really about the life lessons learned behind the stories, and that is relatable to everyone, hockey fan or not. (And I think this is where Steve Simmons got it wrong on his mini-review in Sunday’s Toronto Sun. I think he wanted a gossipy, ugly, dish the dirt on your fellow hockey players kind of book, but I don’t think that’s what you intended the book to be. I think he missed that.)

    The book preaches but not in a preachy way. You don’t just spout out clichés like be good to each other and treat others how you want to be treated. You actually write about how just taking the time to talk to people and find out their stories can affect your own life, more than fame or travel or money.

    The book breaks your heart, which I was NOT expecting. Your stories about Wade Belak and the memory or his funeral made me extremely sad, but what made me feel even more sad was when you wrote you don’t expect anyone at your funeral. I think you’ve had more of an impact on people than you know.

    Your book is really about hard work and perseverance. From your dyslexia to Max’s diabetes and celiac to your parents succeeding as immigrants to Canada, the lessons between the lines are probably the most valuable ones you have to share.

    This really is a window into you as a person – and again, this is where I think Steve Simmons got it wrong. He writes that he wanted more or the Tie he got on the phone – whatever that means. I don’t know HOW he knew you back in the day, but he doesn’t seem to have fond memories. As a casual hockey fan, this book showed me a completely different side to the goon/enforcer side that I assumed was all you were. I think some diehard hockey fans (or sports critics) will read the book and say it’s not “hockey” enough – but I think they’re forgetting it’s telling YOUR story and how you came to be the hockey player you were, the father you are, the person that you are – everything that makes it a memoir. It showed me that I, like I assume many other Canadians, really know nothing about you.

    So I hope you’re proud of this book – because it was a good read that left me with a lot to think about and a lot to talk about with family and friends. And I think that is what all books should strive to do – start a conversation.

  75. Just wanted to congratulate you on your book and I can’t wait to purchase a copy to add to my growing Leaf/Domi collection. You were and always will be my favorite Leaf of all time. Wish I would have been able to attend one of your tour stops. Had the honour to meet you at the Gardens during an autograph session for Maple Leaf foods back in ’96 I believe and was the highlight of my year for sure. Thanks again for everything you did and continue to do for Leaf Nation. Now if we can get Max on our side, we would be set haha. GO LEAFS GO. CHEERS from Midland,Ontario.

  76. Shift Work is a great window into the life of one of the most iconic Leaf players to ever wear the blue and white. If you didn’t like Tie before (what’s wrong with you?), you’ll definitely love him after finishing his book. I learned a lot, and loved the inside scoops. This is one of the better sports biographies I have read. Thanks for writing it, Tie.

  77. You are my all time favorite Maple Leaf. I was also fortunate to watch Max play for the Knights.

  78. Good evening Mr. Domi, want to congratulate you on your book as well career. You have done great things for the youth of today with hockey in general. I am apart of the Gretzky Foundation and assist young athletes obtain their goals through Canadian Tire Jumpstart as well other organizations. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to donate a couple of your books autographed and at the end of this season we can make a draw for the athletes we have helped get into minor hockey this year. I have in past given away Barrie Colts jerseys, tickets to sporting events, hockey equipment but we have a few older guys that I am sure would love your book. Please feel free to reach me and I can explain further. Good luck with the tour hope to see it. Kind regards, Kimberley

  79. Hey Tie!!! I just want to leave you a quick message in regards of today in windsor. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time out of your busy schedule to talk to my husband gord. He is the military vet you allowed to cut in line just so he could get a picture with you. You have no idea how much it means to me to see him smiling from ear to ear he has been through a lot and still today we are struggling. Not a happy time for our family. But those very few minutes you took to talk to him meant so much to him and to me. Because for that brief moment he had no worries a d was just in awe… So thank you… you are a wonderful person for acknowledging one of Canada’s heroes. He doesn’t know that I’m sending this to you but he very much looks forward to keeping in touch with you. And hopefully you will take the time and listen to his story.

  80. It was great meeting you in Cambridge I couldn’t of be any happier to meet one of the all time leaf greats your biggest fan-Mack

  81. I think I’m in your seat! LOL…..Tie, no one can fill your shoes (or skates!) Your genuine interest in each and every person standing in line for you, your generosity, patience, and easy going personality made it a pleasure to meet you. As I have read the beginning chapters of your book, your integrity shines through. Stay tuned…… 🙂 Therese

  82. First and always, a very big fan. Growing up with three brothers there was certainly a lot of hockey that was being watched in our little farm house. Growing up with Italian immigrant parents non of us were able to participate in organized sport and especially not hockey due to cost and language barriers. Now as a first generation hockey lover I am trying to pass my love of the gam eon to my son, Antonino. He’s a “little guy”. He is only 9 now but is definitely one of the smaller boys on his team….and a goalie. But, with great examples like the “Domi’s” and “Stroman’s” of the world I hope to show him that size should not stop him from accessing his dreams. My son struggles with his reading but I know he will love sitting and reading Shift Work with me. I don’t think we will be able to make the tour to have it signed, but I am happy that the story is being told.

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