The Pressure has started

Well the pressure has started and my partner Tuffy was on her game. It’s not easy to get ready like that.

Then again, just go and do it…

The sad part about it is that Ron and Barb are gone. They both worked so hard Unfortunately someone had to move on and it worked in our favor.

It was like being in the playoffs. That’s when I was my best!

As for figure skates. I’m sticking to hockey skates. Regardless off what George or anyone else thinks. Its not a figure skating show. We (the guys) are NOT trying to be figure skaters!!!

It’s an entertainment show…

Hope everyone is enjoying the show. Its a tough grind for everyone. A lot of people are do a lot of work to make us look good.

Speak to you soon thank for your support. Obviously I’m going to need it more than ever now.

Thx, td