Topic: Fan Letters

Favorite Tie Moment – JB

I have to say the most memorable moment came not on the ice. It was off the ice when Tie showed his true self when he was first to speak to Wendle Clarks trade to detroit red wings, going to his friend and showing the true spirit of the game that it isn’t always about the game or money but that there will always be true friendship and compassion in this game we love, and that he and many others are there for the people the work with and have grown with. Thank you Tie With the greatest respect

Favorite Tie Moment – ST

My memory is from about four years ago when my Husband (Doug) took me to my very first Leafs game. I was still new to the whole game as I had only just started to get into the sport after my son started to play. I was so excited to be there and watched in awe as the players came out onto the ice. I saw Tie Domi enter the rink and I turned to Doug and said, “That guy is going to get hurt, the others are bigger than him!”. Doug laughed and explained to me that Tie doesn’t take the hurt, he gives it. After watching the way Tie plays he became my favourite player that night. He still is my all time favourite today and to have a jersey of his would be amazing.

ST – Toronto, Ontario

Favorite Tie Moment – NG

My most memorable moment was the news conference following his punch to the face of a player a few seasons ago. Tie shed a few tears that night, but the thing that stuck out the most was how Tie said he had to try to explain to his children why their daddy wasn’t playing hockey. I realized that someone known for their muscle on the ice was soft on the inside and showed courage and respect and most of all INTEGRITY!

Favorite Tie Moment – SL

I live in Ottawa and take all the necessary criticism of being of Leaf Fan. I never switched, nor did my husband who’s been a loyal fan for 50 years. Tie has always been my favorite player because of who he is, and what he has accomplished. There is no “one” memorable moment for me, he impresses me even when he’s not on the ice. You’ll find me yelling at the TV during games, saying “Put Tie on …..”. He has so much desire and emotion, and respect for his team members, he fires them up. Congratulations Tie on your 1000th game, good luck and help bring us that Stanley Cup.