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Tie at the Halifax NS Prospects Game

Tie Domi January 16 2013 Halifax NS Prospects Game

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Domi on a snowy Halifax Street just before the Prospects Game was to be played at the Halifax Metro Centre. Being 55 and a bit out of the hockey loop,  (Bobby Orr was my guy back in the day and I have his hockey cards collected by my tom boyish 13 year old self to prove it), I had been given a ticket to  the game and while husband couldn’t make it, I decided to stare down the weather and go ( we had a bit of a snow storm here in Halifax last night).

I’m very glad I did because I met your charming client, who was  every bit as youthful and pleasant a hockey ambassador as when, my then 9 year old son Alexander and I, first met him while waiting outside the side doors (?…I’m not that familiar with Toronto as this was our one and only trip to see the Leafs play at the old Maple Leaf Gardens ( 8th of March 1997). It was a big deal for our family. Being a small town girl,  I had nervously purchased my tickets for that night’s game from a scalper whose name was Monty, in a side alley up from the Gardens (must say good value for the price of the tickets, thanks Monty) actually leaving my young son with 2 chaps I had just met, who were watching the Leafs practice.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, many players came out that afternoon, but it was only your guy who offered to pose for pictures with Alexander ( I was too backward to ask) and even when my disposable camera sputtered, he patiently stood for more pics.  Everyone else waiting for the players was closer to my vintage,  asking the players to sign memorabilia and the like. Alexander was the only child, complete with a Winnie the Poo autograph book (my son will kill me for this)  and wearing his TASA Mighty Ducks hockey jacket and Mr. Domi came right over to him. Lovely. For a second back then, I even thought for a moment, ROBERT GORDON who?????

So when I met Tie on the street last night and with Alexander, now 24, having recently mentioned he would love to have a Maple Leaf jersey with Tie’s name and number on it, after my clever conversation starter, “You’re Tie Domi”,  I had to engage your chap in a chat to ask how I would go about this. He didn’t disappoint and was every bit as pleasant as all those years ago and I was so out of the hockey loop that I didn’t even realize  his son Max  was one of the gifted athletes playing that night.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure, a few years back, I did buy a Davey Keon jersey ( I know) but my brother Scott loved him and we got it for his 50th  BD ( size xxxl on EBAY) and Scott is trim like Tie but that didn’t matter.  I was planning to do the same thing for Alexander or phone the Maple Leafs team office to buy one from them but when I asked Tie how to go about it, he said to go to I have obviously done that but could not locate his jersey for sale on your site and so I am writing you for your advice on how I would go about purchasing same. Alexander is 6 foot 1 and very slim and so I was planning on buying a large.

I know this is likely not within your usual duties but if you could direct me in this effort to buy a Tie Domi authentic jersey I would be grateful. I apologize for how scattered this all sounds but I am still a little star struck from last night and how happenstance the meeting was. I doubt I would be have been more thrilled if Robert Gordon himself had shown up to coach his team. Tie also asked me to remind him of our meeting so he could put my chubby face to the request. The picture turned out great and will be circulated to all the relatives for sure and placed alongside  those shots of him and Alexander taken 16 years ago.


Marion Mitchell


PS I didn’t realize that Tie’s son Max was playing last night and he still took time to speak to me ( not that I gave him much option) and what a talented hockey player who had a super game last night; exceeding, in my humble opinion, the play of some other young chaps who are highly rated across the county. Go Max!!


Joel Dooley

Tie, I read about your retirement today on the internet. It has been great to see how well you career has gone over the years. Congratulations on what has been a fantastic hockey career and more importantly great work for the community.

Terry Gosse

Hello Tie ,

I am not sure if i have the correct address to be sending this but i have been a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs for many but more importantly i have been a huge fan of your’s . Today when it said on the Internet that you will be retiring from hockey i could not believe it, As a fan of yours i have many things such hockey cards and a bobble head . Tie on behalf of all of your fans all around the would i would like to say thank you for being one of the greatest hockey players on the world , thank you for the memories, and god bless you my friend .

JoAnne Pasha

I am a huge Tie Domi fan, and am totally stressed to think that he may not be playing this year. My son, Ben, who now plays for the University of Waterloo and myself have travelled to Toronto on numerous occasions to catch a leaf game just to see Tie.

JF Lavergne


I just wanted to say that Tie Domi will be missed in hockey. I’m not a fan of the Leafs, but I enjoyed watching Tie play. Tie had the look that he enjoyed what he was doing, that he was enjoying himself on and off the ice, he wasn’t in it for the money, but for the love of the game.