Dulce Pereira

Dear Tie,

Welcome back to a new year, from a Toronto fan.
However, its fun to see men do more with there women for example going out for dinner and movies or just hanging out. Since there was nothing to watch, they grew closer together. That is what I think.

I am Huge fan yours. I do enjoy watching you and of course TO Maples Leafs. My ex- boyfriend Ray ( Montreal fan- boo) think I am crazy because I never had a interested in the sport until I heard your name a lot and especially when you were getting into fights. Teehee 🙂 Now I’m glued.

Our son Kyle who is 2 1/2 since we’re living in Ottawa, it makes sense that he should be a Sen’s fan.

What I am writing to you about is, I found your website and I noticed that you’re involvement in this Charity program-Santa on Wheels.

Its really sad to see children that don’t have anything especially around xmas. Now, you have given children something that they will never forget -Spirit of Christmas.

Keep up the great work and I will be senting you a donation for the program. Best of Luck in New Season..

Your fan,
Dulce Pereira