Shelagh Cauchi

Good afternoon, I would like this to somehow get to Tie Domi. My son, Mitchell, is almost 8 years old. He is a very small boy (in the 2nd percentile) for his age, however…..he is feisty:)

Mitchell has recently been teased for his stature being so small. He has just finished his first year of house league hockey and went from a boy never on skates to a boy that blew all the parents, including his own away!

Mitchell was a match for many taller players , but has a heart of gold, giving the goalie a pat and telling them ” it’s ok, you’re doing great”.

Friends recently lent Mitchell the “What it Takes” documentary to help Mitchell realize he doesn’t need to be tall to make a difference in this world.

Mitchell also plays soccer, where for the past 3 years he has been dubbed called “Mitchell Domi”, because he gets in the middle of every game and gives his everything.

It seems that Michell’s personality and game spirit and Mr. Domi’s are very similar. Take no crap with really big hearts!!

He goes to school everyday now saying he can be anything he wants to be, even if he’s small! (since watching Tie’s video)Heartbreaking for parents to see their kids be put through this by other kids that are so nasty.

Thank you for giving us this video….it has helped this little boy out- tremendously!

Please let me know if there are any public appearances by Mr. Domi in the Toronto area as we would love to take our “big guy”.

Thank you for your time,

Shelagh Cauchi