Favorite Tie Moment – CJ

Hey first off passionate LEAFS FAN ie hockey in general im from Pennsylvania so i have to buy direct Tv NHL center ice to watch games now adays and obviously i watch Leafs games when i was younger me and my cousing wold brave climbing on his roof to adjust the antenna so we could pick up a fuzzzy signal of Global and we would watch all Leafs games covered on it just thought i wold give you some insight to my passion by teh way i have been to teh Acc for leafs vs Flyers games thaye are always electric and was at One ot Ties return games talk about a rocking house that night as soon as he skated onto the ice preegame the whloe joint stood and cheered for him i was awestruck the amount of recpect the Toronto fans have for Tie .. … well my favorite moment would fall under Tie misbeahving ,but the guy had it comming back in Philly a few years back a Beer got spilled on to Tie while serving a penalty and he went over teh glass to beat the snot out of the guy good for him regardless what NHL offices said about it true fans were delighted to see that even if tie isn expecially proud of that moment i will always remember that one … thanks Tie good luck and ” GO LEAFS GO !!!

CJ – Pennsylvania, USA