Favorite Tie Moment – CK

I’ve been a die hard Tie Domi fan since he first started with the Leafs at the end of the 94/95 season.

My most memorable moment was an incident between Tie and Ulf Samuelsson, when Ulf was being his usual pain in the neck and was trying to get Tie to start something and at first he ignored him. Ulf kept trying and Tie finally said to him, ‘lets go’ but Ulf wouldn’t drop the gloves. Well, after a bit more time of this going back in forth and you could tell Tie was telling Ulf ‘let’s go’, but he still wouldn’t drop the gloves..Tie figured he’d given Ulf enough time to do something and he finally got fed up and just popped him a quick one! Ulf went down like a rock!

I can still remember it to this day, though I’m not sure what year it was. I know there’s an excellent picture of this, with 3 pictures in one frame showing the action. This is one picture I’ve looked at many times to buy, but just couldn’t do it.

Anyway, this is one of my most memorable moments of Tie Domi!

Thanks very much for all the excitement and hard work! Keep it up Tie!

CK – Oshawa, Ontario