Favorite Tie Moment – CS

I think that Tie Domi is the best player ever!! Its amazing that he has now played 1000 games.

For the contest I think that my favorite memory was when he scored a goal and he skated around the Net and pointed right at his goal!! It was so cool I thought!! I have many pictures of Tie Domi and I don’t know which One I like the best so I will just show then one that matches my favorite memory.

I have also had another great moment. I went outside for a second when the game was on and my sister and My dad were watching it. When I walked in the house they screamed DOMI SCORED!! I was jumping up and down And screaming and I found out that he didn’t score. It was a very funny and happy memory I had!!

TIE DOMI is the best he is the best player I have ever liked!! I have like him for many years now! And I was really mad When my dad told me Tie Domi might not be playing this year. ( that was before this season started ) I was so happy to Find out he was playing again for the leafs!! I love watching Tie Domi!! He is my HERO!!!!

CS – Toronto, Ontario