Favorite Tie Moment – DO

Could you possibly single any one great moment out? I am an Australian who has been fortunate enough to live in Toronto for two years of my life and who has been fortunate enough to see the Leafs play at both the Maple Leaf Gardens and the Air Canada Center. The biggest drawcard for me was always the sheer presence of Tie Domi. His loyalty, doggedness, willingness to support his team-mates, passion, skill, grit and the fact that he has one blue eye and one white eye will always set Tie high up on the pedestal. I heard him once described as a goon who could skate a bit. Well, whoever had that opinion has obviously had their eyes painted on! For me, witnessing Tie’s attempts to lift a weary Leafs during the 2003/2004 play-offs was a highlight. If all Leafs players played with that much determination and hunger, there would be a few more Stanley Cups on the mantle. A true legend who is deserving of greater accolades!

DO – Queensland, Australia