Favorite Tie Moment – ET

Im your biggest fan!!! you motivate me to be a better person!!!

One of my favorite memories of Mr. Domi comes from the battles with Philly. Philly in the last few min of the game put out a goon line. the philly tough guys started beating on players who are not fighters or tough guys. Tie came to the rescue and took on 2 guys who u could tell didnt want to be on the recieving end of Tie’s huge right hands. Tie domi is a leader and role model for me he is a little man with a huge heart who is there for all his team mates. I just hope that when his playing days are done there is still a job for him in leaf land. My #1 dream would be to meet this great role model!!! go leafs go All the best to you tie Thanks for being you!!!!!

ET – Toronto, Ontario