Favorite Tie Moment – JH

Back during the ugly lock out time of the NHL season 2004-2005, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Domi at a local restaurant in Kitchener, where I live. I had my son who had just turned 3 at the time with me. My son and I watch every Leaf game together when I am not working. That day, he happened to have his Leaf jersey on while we were having breakfast. The very observant waiter saw that my son was wearing his jersey and mentioned that Mr. Domi was sitting having breakfast with his family in the dining room below us. I approached Mr. Domi with my son, and without skipping a beat, Mr. Domi was kind enough to take time out of his breakfast to sign my sons shirt and speak to him for a little while. Although my son was only 3 at the time, he was absolutely thrilled to meet Mr. Domi, who was gracious enough to take time away from his own breakfast. Of course, it was a huge thrill for me since I consider myself to be a Leaf Fanatic and for Mr. Domi to take his time for us, even though there was no season at the time, made me realize what an amazing person he truly is.

JH – Kitchener, Ontario