Favorite Tie Moment – KS


My name is Keara Shepherd and I am a leaf freak. I mean, I eat, sleep and breathe leafs! Of course, Domi is my hockey hero, so little but so bloody tough! My mom has no idea where I get my hockey fetish from but I love hockey(and those leafs)! So anyways, I was livin in Calgary, but I wasnt a Flames fan, in the 2003/04 season when the leafs came to town, I was so broke, I couldnt get a ticket. Luckly for me, I knew my way around the saddledome. Me and my sister snuck into the game! We found some empty seats we had scoped out and watched a very brutal game. The leafs lost but I was so happy to be there! Domi got a few terrible penalties, the refs were houndin that man like he was goin out of style! I was screamin and yellin so much. After the game we headed down where the players come out after the games (it was a fluke, I had no idea they came out there!) and the first person I saw was Tie. I was so lost for words, Id never been so close to a hockey player in my life! So there I was standing 2 feet away from my great one. I walked up to him and opened my mouth to say something to the man but he cut me off. He told me he didnt want to sign any autographs at the moment. Well I didnt have anything to sign so I just looked at him and said ” I dont want your autograph, I just wanted to tell you your a great hockey player and you got some really terrible calls”. Well it cheered the man up, he thanked me, smiled and proceeded to sign autographs. I felt so good about myself, I cheered up one of hockys greatest players! If it wasnt for my lil comment, he would have been a disapointment to some of the fans wantin the team to sign autographs, but he wasnt! I think Tie Domi is one of the hardest workin players in the league, havin him smile at me was better than an autograghed piece of paper and I made him happy at the same time. Thanx for reading my lil story, Im sure he has done lots of great things out there, in fact I know he has, but he granted me the pleasure of makin him have a better day.
Thanks again

KS – Airdrie, Alberta