Favorite Tie Moment – KW

My most favorite moment by far was the evening in Philadelphia when the Flyer fan enraged by Tie squirting the water bottle, fell into the penalty box and subsequently was pummelled by Tie who was fearing (?) for his safety. What makes this special is the fact that I’ve been living in Texas for the past 15 years, but in being a Canadian and a former usher at the old MLG, truly bleed blue and white. I watched the game live that evening on ESPN and other than sharing this hilarious moment with my American wife, thought that was the end of it. Not so. The next day at work , my buddies ( not hockey fans) , who had seen the clip throughout the evening , couldnt wait to hear my take as well as find out more about this Leaf favorite. What’s amazing is that to this day, friends of mine, who still arent hockey fans, do recognize the name Tie Domi and recall the one evening he OWNED the US sports headlines. Congratulations Tie. You are a true example of how hard work can capture a dream.

KW – Texas, USA