Favorite Tie Moment – SC

My most memorable moment with regards to Tie Domi is the beautiful fights he used to get in with Scott Stevens(going back a few years) Now my most memorable moment is when he was playing on the Crazy Eights Line for Pat Quinn this year and as my wife and I watched the game and that line kept adding up points when the thought was to be a grunge line. My wife turned to me and said that if the chance arose, she would like to sleep with Tie Domi as he is her most favourite player in the whole NHL because of his all around charm and attitude. I still can not figure out why Quinn broke up the line to make changes before Lindros broke his wrist, not so smart Mr. Quinn. Thanks you for your ear and I look forward to hearing from you soon to find out where I can get my Autographed Jersey and 8 X 10 photo.

SC – Toronto, Ontario