Favorite Tie Moment – TM

My most memorable moment of Tie Domi was during the 2000-2001 playoffs. The Maple Leafs were in tough against the Ottawa Senators in the quarter-finals, having finished nearly 20 points behind them during the regular season. I live in Ottawa but hate the Senators with a passion. I also happen to be a Leafs super fan and have been for as long as I can remember. I was one of the few people that predicted a Leafs win that year. In game 1, the Senators came out flying, taking shot after shot on Cujo but coming up empty on every occasion. Then came the hit. Rookie Martin Havlat of the Senators had just made a pass through the neutral zone and little did he know that one of the league’s best hitters was coming right at him. Tie Domi nailed Havlat with a perfect open-ice hit and sent him flying backwards a good ten feet. That hit by Tie Domi turned the series upside down, as the Sens momentum was completely halted from that point on. The Leafs went on to sweep the Sens and Domi’s hit on the unsuspecting rookie Havlat was one of the major factors in that series. That hit was my most memorable moment of Tie Domi.

TM – Ottawa, Ontario