Favorite Tie Moment – VC

My most memorable moment was Feb. 13th 2004. I had written a letter to Mr. Domi regarding my little daughter Katelyn Murray. This was the second letter I had written in Thanks. She is an Easter Seal child who has never been able to get his autograph or a picture of him, but never the less loves him to no end. I thought by chance I would write the Leafs to see if there was a way for this great little girl to get just a small picture of him.

Well, when the mailman brought the letter and my eyes had a look at the very familliar leaf logo, I started to shake!

After getting Katelyn placed on the couch, I told her mom had a big surprise for her. As soon as she saw the same leaf logo on the envelope mom had she started to scream!

After mom reading the letter to her she begn to cry.As her mom this was one of the hardest things to watch!

I will always be very grateful to him for taking the time to make a child smile so very much.

Her little jersey that mom bought her and had Domi’s name and number is now way too small but, hangs in her room with great pride.

A new one would be wonderful, seeing she is always asking mom! Thanks too all who made this wonderful little girls dream come true with the picture and autograph from Mr. Domi.

In our house Tie Domi Rules!!!

VC – Toronto, Ontario