Kristen Paproski

Dear Mr.Domi,

I just came across your website and signed the guestbook. I explained in that letter that my son Hunter, like every good Canadian hockey playing boy, hero worships you. Each game he goes into he says he wants to score like Sundin but most importantly have his teammates back like you. Its a little difficult for him to find the net alot of times considering he is a defenceman!!!!! Also, like most boys his main concern in life up until this point was getting to the Air Canada Centre to see the Leafs in action. He saves his allowence in the hopes to get there and take his best friend Jack! For awhile it seemed as if the desire to get to a Leafs game was what kept him going.

Hunter had a very difficult year last year. I was pregnant and my daughter was born 13 weeks early and weighed only 2lbs. She spent 81 days in hospital so needless to say Hunter had to forego alot of my time. I had given birth to a premature son on December 19th of 2000 and he died 11 days later so he was always afraid that he was going to lost his sister as well. Also, my father, who has been the primary male figure in his life, had been in hospital for 10 months. Then we found out my mother had terminal cancer and we lost her last May 13, 2004. He struggled alot.

When I came across the details of your program Santa On Wheels I showed him the website and tried to explain to him that even though he went through an awful time that there are children who are going through even more. He now wants to take the money that he has worked so hard for and buy presents for your charity and then start all over saving towards his Leaf tickets. Is it too late to make a donation for this year and if not how do we go about getting the gifts to the proper people for distribution?

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone and let us know if there is something that Hunter can do to help. God Bless you and your family and we hope that you have a beautiful Christmas. I do apologize for the long winded letter. I was just hoping that by giving you some background on what Hunter has been through it might mean a bit more that he wants to make the donation.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Kristen Paproski