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It has been a BLAST!

Hi Everyone!

I want to thank everyone for all of their support. It has been a BLAST!

I especially want to thank my partner, Tuffy, who retired 13 years ago…she came back and made me look good. She put up with me for 10 weeks which believe you me, can be difficult –ha ha ha! She also sacrificed a lot to do the show, being away from her twin boys and her husband, Don.

Also, I thanked many people last night after the show and I really meant my thanks! There are a number of people that don’t get enough recognition for the tireless work that they do, which make us all look good.

Tie Domi goes home when he probably shouldn’t have

It’s with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Tie Domi.

He should have been out weeks ago, but on Sunday, I thought a lot of good things were happening in his skate. I commented to my friend Janean before they announced the bottom 2: “Man, if it’s Tuffy and Tie vs. Dubreuil and Richer, I think Tie may actually pull it off.” On Sunday, he and Tuffy did a “Boots are Made for Walking” ode to a horrible Jessica Simpson movie BUT they were actually really good. He did some footwork. He got into the music and because he was playing a tough cow boy, his cockiness worked with the music.