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Irvin Bennett

I guess nothing’s forever. You were scrappy, you were effective. You left a lot of heart on the ice. I suspect you’re going to leave that heart in the broadcast booth now. I look forward to seeing you do your new job. (Don’t make me pissed off). Good luck in the transition.

Mat Laskowski

Please pass along my best wishes to Tie in his retirement. While I’m a lifelong Habs and Devils fan I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tie play all these seasons, I really respect a grinder.. especially in a day where professional sports are filled with prima donnas who got on the DL for a hangnail… it seems hockey is one of the few sports left where a player will say tape it up and get me back out there… and Tie exemplified that!

James D Jones

I will miss seeing you this year. Thanks for the great years of hockey and for your giving back to the community. Although I am a long time Habs fan — I have admired and respected a number of Leaf Players over the years — and you are one of my favourites.