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Joel Dooley

Tie, I read about your retirement today on the internet. It has been great to see how well you career has gone over the years. Congratulations on what has been a fantastic hockey career and more importantly great work for the community.

Terry Gosse

Hello Tie ,

I am not sure if i have the correct address to be sending this but i have been a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs for many but more importantly i have been a huge fan of your’s . Today when it said on the Internet that you will be retiring from hockey i could not believe it, As a fan of yours i have many things such hockey cards and a bobble head . Tie on behalf of all of your fans all around the would i would like to say thank you for being one of the greatest hockey players on the world , thank you for the memories, and god bless you my friend .

JoAnne Pasha

I am a huge Tie Domi fan, and am totally stressed to think that he may not be playing this year. My son, Ben, who now plays for the University of Waterloo and myself have travelled to Toronto on numerous occasions to catch a leaf game just to see Tie.

JF Lavergne


I just wanted to say that Tie Domi will be missed in hockey. I’m not a fan of the Leafs, but I enjoyed watching Tie play. Tie had the look that he enjoyed what he was doing, that he was enjoying himself on and off the ice, he wasn’t in it for the money, but for the love of the game.