Yearly Archives: 2004

Shelagh Cauchi

Good afternoon, I would like this to somehow get to Tie Domi. My son, Mitchell, is almost 8 years old. He is a very small boy (in the 2nd percentile) for his age, however…..he is feisty:)

Mitchell has recently been teased for his stature being so small. He has just finished his first year of house league hockey and went from a boy never on skates to a boy that blew all the parents, including his own away!

One On One with Tie Domi

Q. In the past you’ve made comments about the issue of respect in regards to the Leafs and your free agent status. Please shed some light on this.

A. I think respect is about how you treat people. You treat people how you want to be treated. That’s what my father taught me when I was growing up. This was the first time I was an unrestricted free agent. Everybody holds that as the trump card in their career, but I just felt I wasn’t really enjoying it as much as I thought I would. It was more of a stressful time for me and after the CUJO situation, I really thought I was going to go too. I was pretty disappointed when he went because I’m close friends with him. Ultimately I had to make the decision that was right for me as a person.