Yearly Archives: 2006

Favorite Tie Moment – MH

You can see the most memorial photo on his homepage. The “hardest guy” of the NHL hold the baby. The fans of the NHL always see the “Fighter” Tie Domi, but his much more than that. His is a guy which one is working hard all the time. He haven’t the talent of Spezza, Kovalchuck, Gretzky……, but he is always working hard on the ice. And that’s TIE DOMI….a real “playing” legend of LEAFS.

Favorite Tie Moment – VC

My most memorable moment was Feb. 13th 2004. I had written a letter to Mr. Domi regarding my little daughter Katelyn Murray. This was the second letter I had written in Thanks. She is an Easter Seal child who has never been able to get his autograph or a picture of him, but never the less loves him to no end. I thought by chance I would write the Leafs to see if there was a way for this great little girl to get just a small picture of him.