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Favorite Tie Moment – SL

I live in Ottawa and take all the necessary criticism of being of Leaf Fan. I never switched, nor did my husband who’s been a loyal fan for 50 years. Tie has always been my favorite player because of who he is, and what he has accomplished. There is no “one” memorable moment for me, he impresses me even when he’s not on the ice. You’ll find me yelling at the TV during games, saying “Put Tie on …..”. He has so much desire and emotion, and respect for his team members, he fires them up. Congratulations Tie on your 1000th game, good luck and help bring us that Stanley Cup.

Favorite Tie Moment – KM

I would say the most memorable of many that I have is the time that you where in the penalty box, not that you knew how to get there, and you sprayed water on the Philadelphia fan from the water bottle and he tried to get at you and fell into the box with you. What an idiot he was. Of course you tried to help him back to his seat.:)

Favorite Tie Moment – CM

My son and I where at our first buds club open practice we where lucky enough to get seats right by the glass in the corner. When the leafs lined up to do some puck handling drills the kids all went crazy banging the glass at the players. Tie Domi stopped in front of us and my son along with a bunch of other kids where banging the glass calling tie. Tie pretended to ignore them and then elbowed the glass and scared the crap out them. He then turned and gave them all a big grin.

Favorite Tie Moment – RC

My favourite, most memorable moment had to be the entire 2002-03 season!!! Domi was on fire!! Not only did he continue to protect his team mates and be the “Heart” of the Leafers, he also had his career-high in goals and points! 15 goals and 29 points!! Are you kidding me? That was an amazing year for Tie and it was a joy to tune into the games and watch him work. Way to go Domer, you are awesome!!! Keep up the good work, you are the epitome of Toronto hockey!!

Favorite Tie Moment – AC

My memorable moment was watching one of your fights when you played for the Winnipeg Jets, where I grew up. You did the tug boat after obliterating your heavy hitting opponent. I remember it vividly because I was young (maybe 10 years old) and I played hockey and knowing that you were smaller then your peers but still had the heart to go toe-to-toe with the other tough guys in the league gave me the confidence to play the game tough and strong. I now live in Toronto and am a huge fan of yours. You made us all very proud when you scored that goal against Ottawa to give Leaf fans a hope that we’ll win one yet against in the regular season.

Congrats on your 1000th game Tie! Here’s to 1000 more! Cheers.

PS The clip I am referring to was also in one of Don Cherry’s Rockem Sockem. It was in 92 or 93 I think.

AC – Toronto, Ontario