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Tie Domi’s Hockey Tell-All Pulls No Punches: DiManno

The book is an attempt to put it all in context, to explain where he’d come from, the values his blue-collar immigrant parents instilled and which he’s attempted to teach his own three children.
By: Rosie DiManno : Toronto Star

Tie Domi tilts back his head, pressing a finger against the tip of his oft-busted schnoz.

Kind of like saying “AH’’ with his nostrils.

I say ACCHHH! Nose porn!

A dark empty cavity. No tissue, no septum.

Face now mere inches away, I examine Domi’s mug for remnants from a lifetime of enforcer hockey. Tapestry of scars across the top of his lips, cuticle indentations above the eyes, trellis of fading stitch marks spilling down one cheek.

Domi more than just a fighter in book

By Ryan Horne, TSN.ca

All Tie Domi wanted to do was protect his teammates during his days on the ice, but there’s more to the former Maple Leafs enforcer than fighting, trash-talking and squirting boisterous Philadelphia Flyers fans with water.
“I didn’t really want to talk about it [fighting],” Domi told TSN.ca Monday while promoting his new book, Shift Work. “It was my job to protect my teammates.”

Of course a book about the man who’s the third most penalized player in NHL history (3515 minutes) is going to have a few tales on throwing haymakers (and there is), but Domi says there’s more to the book than dropping the gloves. It’s about his growth as a player and a person.