Former Maple Leaf Tie Domi Hits London Friday To Promote New Book

Former Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Tie Domi is making a stop in London on Friday to promote his recently-released memoir, Shift Work.

Domi will be appearing at the Chapters at 1037 Wellington St. South from 12 – 2 pm and then again at the Budweiser Gardens from 6 – 8:30 pm. The London Knights host Guelph starting at 7:30 pm.

He will be bringing along a 48-foot double-expandable trailer which is being called the “Tie Museum on Wheels.”

Shift Work chronicles Domi’s 16 tumultous seasons in the NHL with the New York Rangers, Winnipeg Jets, and the Leafs.

Tie Domi focuses on positivity – Shift Work Autobiography

Tie Domi focuses on positivity, touches on fighting in ‘Shift Work’ autobiography

By NEIL BEST November 6, 2015

Some of Tie Domi’s best friends gathered Thursday at the Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan to celebrate the publication of his autobiography, “Shift Work.”

There he was, hugging Alex Rodriguez and Mario Lemieux, for starters. But when it came time for introductions during the formal portion of his launch party, Domi instead brought up some of the people he writes about in the book.

They included a waiter and bellman from the hotel, and a shoe shine man from the nearby Waldorf Astoria, and a TSA agent, all of them people he has befriended and lauded for their positive attitudes and hard work.

Former Toronto Maple Leafs Player Tie Domi Wants New Book About His NHL Career as Enforcer to Deliver ‘Positive Message’

When it came time to put his words down on paper for all to read, Belle River’s Tie Domi approached the process in the same manner that he did every night he laced up his skates during his NHL career.

He was ready for a fight.

“I always had publishers coming at me wanting me to write a book about fighting and I always said, ‘No, no, no,’” Domi explained.

“I only wanted to do it on my terms.”

MILTON: Tie Domi’s ‘Shift Work:’ It’s About More Than the Fighting

Peter Power: Toronto Star

Tie Domi offers this cautionary advice for Hamilton drivers.

“Don’t get scared if you see my great big head going down the highway,” laughs the former NHL, who was in Ancaster last night and will be at FirstOntario Centre Sunday, promoting his new book “Shift Work.”

Domi’s public appearances these days are accompanied by a 48-foot double-wide trailer, wrapped in the cover art from Shift Work, and loaded with memorabilia from his unique NHL career. It will be parked outside Copps Coliseum Sunday afternoon, when Domi takes “Shift Work” to the Hamilton Bulldogs game against Peterborough, Domi’s old junior team.

Tie Domi Talks Road to NHL, Son Max in New Book

By David Satriano –

NEW YORK — Tie Domi played in more than 1,000 games during his 16-year NHL career. He learned more than a few lessons along the way.

In his new book, “Shift Work,” Domi discusses his difficult road to the NHL, life in the League and what it was like to be a tough guy, as well as the lessons he’s learned on and off the ice.

Domi was known for dropping the gloves; he says he took part in 333 fights during his career. Many of them came when he was protecting his team’s best players, including Mark Messier of the New York Rangers, Teemu Selanne of the Winnipeg Jets and Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs, all of whom are still close friends of his.

Ex-NHL Player Impressed With Wait Staff at His Own Book Party

By Ian Mohr –

Former Rangers enforcer Tie Domi celebrated the launch of his memoir, “Shift Work,” at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Guests included Alex Rodriguez and Mario Lemieux, but Domi was equally impressed with the regular folks on hand who work other “shifts.”

In a speech, Domi introduced waiter Milton, a 20-year hotel veteran.

The server quipped, “You know when you put on your uniform? When I put on my uniform, I have to treat everyone like they are special, because they are.”

Tie Domi’s Hockey Tell-All Pulls No Punches: DiManno

The book is an attempt to put it all in context, to explain where he’d come from, the values his blue-collar immigrant parents instilled and which he’s attempted to teach his own three children.
By: Rosie DiManno : Toronto Star

Tie Domi tilts back his head, pressing a finger against the tip of his oft-busted schnoz.

Kind of like saying “AH’’ with his nostrils.

I say ACCHHH! Nose porn!

A dark empty cavity. No tissue, no septum.

Face now mere inches away, I examine Domi’s mug for remnants from a lifetime of enforcer hockey. Tapestry of scars across the top of his lips, cuticle indentations above the eyes, trellis of fading stitch marks spilling down one cheek.

Domi more than just a fighter in book

By Ryan Horne,

All Tie Domi wanted to do was protect his teammates during his days on the ice, but there’s more to the former Maple Leafs enforcer than fighting, trash-talking and squirting boisterous Philadelphia Flyers fans with water.
“I didn’t really want to talk about it [fighting],” Domi told Monday while promoting his new book, Shift Work. “It was my job to protect my teammates.”

Of course a book about the man who’s the third most penalized player in NHL history (3515 minutes) is going to have a few tales on throwing haymakers (and there is), but Domi says there’s more to the book than dropping the gloves. It’s about his growth as a player and a person.


Travelling memorabilia tour to accompany book signings in Ontario

TORONTO, Oct. 21, 2015 /CNW/ – Simon & Schuster Canada is pleased to announce that Tie Domi, one of the most popular players in NHL history, will publish his long-anticipated memoir, Shift Work, on November 2, 2015.

Tie Domi will be embarking on a unique, month-long Canadian book signing tour that will officially launch in Toronto on November 2, 2015, before making almost 20 stops across Ontario. Accompanying Domi will be a 48-foot double-expandable trailer, filled with memorabilia and other interactive assets from Domi’s long career. Sponsored by Mitchell Goldhar, founder of SmartCentres and a hockey enthusiast, the travelling interactive museum provides the ultimate fan experience, allowing hockey lovers to meet their hero, get a signed copy of his book, and explore never-before-seen facets of Domi’s life.

“Tie is one of the most beloved hockey players of all time so this book and his fans deserve an exciting and innovative book tour to celebrate this milestone in his career,” says Kevin Hanson, President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster Canada.


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